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2005-01-07 - 8:39 a.m.

12th night, will it ever get here?

I've been working my fingers off getting projects done this week.

The knight has new garb,

The daughter has new garb,

I have an A&S entry that is NOT needlework (go figure). At least I will have stuff to display.

please note that this list does not say "I have new garb..."

I wish I had someone who loved to costume for ME. I realised that in 27 years of being in the SCA no one except me has ever made me a peice of garb...sigh....

I need a wife or a girlfriend...Don't you laugh! Think about it...

My husband has one why can't I have one!!
She does all kinds of stuff for the Knight. She packs the car, she makes the spiffy garb, she buys the event food, she makes the feast reservations, she washes the event dishes, I want one of these people too!

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