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2005-01-09 - 8:10 a.m.

Ah, it finally came - 12th Night!

It was a blast! I am SOOOOO tired!

The "Food Dog" was absolutly histerical! My god, I have never seen so much rice in one place in my entire life! He had a proper place of honor in the feast hall and was loved by all. Olwen was very kind and gave me credit for helping even though I had only a minor role in this project. Olwen was the real mastermind and once again her magic was worked in real style!

My marzipan spike was a great success! This was also due to Olwens patient advice with my less than stellar sculpting skills. But in the end I did actually end up with a 7lb marzipan blue seahourse! He also had a place of honor in the middle of High Table. How cool is that?

The Knight looked handsome in his new tunic if I may say so. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Everything about it just "worked". I'm hoping to make one just like it for the son.

Aelfwynn, what can I say? She was awsome. She was called into court and received a Hippocampus for her volunteer work in the SCA. Tristan's scroll was beautiful and as always it was framed and ready to hang. She worked her Bee-hind off serving at feast and she won the competition for "Ages Under 17 A&S" for her scroll blank. It was a copy of a 13th century korean buddist book page. It was done on dark blue paper in gold and silver ink and looked JUST like the original.

I was able to display my embroidery again and show my current Rozashi projects. I did not have anything new completed in needlework but am moving along on the Rozashi. Hopefully I'll be done soon and can start my tunic trim!

Our feast table was just way beyond cool! We had an entire creche scene along the entire 16 feet of our table!
Yeuselte was a rockin' planner. It all came together exactly she planned. Many people came by to admire it! We are going to set it up again for Baronial 12th night this friday. It was made all the more inmpressive because Baroness Rowen loaned us all a matching set of blue dishes and then Lady Ro gifted us all with beautiful coblat blue goblets. So our table dishware all matched and added that extra special touch!

I had a very good time. I saw many old friends and our Barony, well what can I say? They are wonderful and fun to be around. I'm very glad to be a member of such a cool group!

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