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2005-01-13 - 1:53 p.m.

Now, 12th night is over and on to the next silliness that is my hobby life.

I have no clue how I got anything done when I worked full time. Fortunatly the son works well without much class lecturing on my part. I give him his assignments and let him fly!

I'm currently working on two projects-

1) My class handout for University in 3? weeks. I'm teaching a hands on class for children in roman mosaics. The kids will be able to make pretty nifty paper mosaics to take home. They will made from acid free paper so they might last awhile if the pictures make it home... I decided to go with paper since I only get a 1 hour class that is not exactly one hour and I would like the kids to be able to go home with a period mosaic design in their hot little hands. I love instant gratification!

2) I've started writting my documentation for the wool tunic and trim project I am making for KA&SF the first weekend in march. If I get enough done I will enter it in the A&S competition at Gulf Wars for a War Point.

This is my part for God & King. Janos may be very handsome and charming BUT I learned 26 years ago I don't like being hit on with sticks. So no fighting for me. Sorry your Majesty. You will just have to happy with Kick-A** A&S. Now that I can do!

I've also volunteered to make beaded napkins for HH Denise for gift baskets. I'm looking forward to this as I've always wanted this sort of thing for myself and now I have the perfect excuse to sneak a couple in for me! Fortunatly I can do this gradually a few at a time with the bulk coming due at Pennsic.

I'm not kidding folks, I love to make stuff. Give me almost type of project and I'll give it a try just so that I can make myself something cool!

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