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2005-01-15 - 8:38 p.m.

Baronial 12th night last night was a blast! We had lots of people show up. Ro did a good job getting it all organised. We had lots of food and ALOT of folks brought thier A&S projects to show off. I'm amazed at all the talent we have in this barony. It just boggles the mind.

I took it easy today as for the past 12 weeks I've been burning the candle at both ends. I love the end results but the work weighs on you. Even though I wouldn't change a thing, I like my hobbies and they give me a great deal of pleasure.

I started my sweater sampler or "thing" from the book by Jacqueline Fee. I've never worked with circular needles before. After I got past the part of the cable cast on that I did not make loose enough I'm goin' round in circles just fine now. Someday I may be able to move up to a real sweater!

I would like to knit a lierpipe hood to wear to chilly events and for sleeping in at camping events. I just need a class or a pattern to work from. Something simple. I'll move up to fancy patterns after I make the first one.

I like to knit in solid colors in patterns with knit and purl stitch combination. I'm not all that crazy about color change patterns.

So I'm just knittin' away!

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