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2005-02-17 - 10:20 a.m.

Holy Gods and Goddesses Batman!!!

We are deep into our study of Greek and Roman Mythology here at the Chez Charlottenburg Homeschool. Paul is diligently studying for the "Medusa Exam" in April. It must be one tough bugger. If he does well he gets a Kewl medal and a chance at scholarships.

This years theme is:

"Oracles and Prophecies"

It's 50 multiple choice questions, you get 40 min. to do it and the 2004 average score is 26/50. AP students only had an average score of 28/50.

Out of 7500 kids across the nation and a few foreign countries (including Slovinia?) who took the test there were only 6, yes 6, perfect scores of 50/50.

We are in a weekly study group and we are reviewing all of the past tests.

I'd never heard of this before. I wonder why more schools don't participate?

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