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2005-02-19 - 8:49 p.m.

I've been to Trimtex and I've seen the light!

Yes, brothers and sisters, I dipped my toes in the holy of holys and I've seen the light!

DO I hear AMEN?!?!

Yes, it is worth driving 4 hours with funny friends and getting stuck in traffic due to major truck accidents on Interstate 83 in Hunt Valley not once but twice in the same day!

It was a two scarf trip! One of my ride mates knitted a fuzzy scarf on the way up and knitted a fuzzy scarf on the way home!

I bought about 220 yards of trim. Yup all of the above blabbering because I drove to Williamsport, PA and bought a boatload of trim... And you bet I be going back in june for the other sale!

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