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2005-03-08 - 7:33 a.m.

Another day at the hobby shop and it's about time!

The prep for gulf wars has begun. I'm working on chair covers for the sports chair of death. I've had the fabric for a while but had not hunkered down and sewn the covers. I'm covering two camp stools, you know the ones that fold and have a canvas seat. They are a period-ish design but not really attractive. I have a sport chair with no arms and is square so a cover has been a cinch to make. I'm also making matching cushions for them too. The fabric is actually a pretty good looking upholstery fabric with a design from the 13th century. I got lucky on that one.

The knight could also use a new surcoat for his armour. His old one is at least 20 years old and is still okay but it is a bit beat and he could use a spiffy new one. So that is on the agenda also.

Maybe new painted banners for me and the knight if I can squeeze it in. We'll see.

On to new projects, the home fires will burn this week!

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