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2005-03-10 - 7:18 a.m.

We will be leaving for Gulf Wars on Monday, arrive at Axel and Jeanmaires and spend the night. Then we will leave their place Tuesday morn. for the 8hr drive to GW proper. Spend the night in a hotel with a hot tub, yes you heard right a hot tub! Then on to the site on Wenesday morning to set up camp. Whew!

The chair covers are done and look very spiffy with the cushions and even a little footstool that I had and recovered. I need to see if I can pick up a used rug to put on the ground. that would really jack up the spiff factor.

Slowly but surely I'm adding fun spiffy stuff. It's kind of addictive. you make one thing then you think "Heeeyyy, I could make this and I could make that!"

In a way I'm sort of glad the SCA is not a strict reinactment group. It gives a bit of "fudge" room to our projects. I only wish more folks would try to spiff up a bit. After all it takes the same amount of money and effort to make bad looking stuff as it does to make good looking stuff. (chainmail bikini's and skulls as bras? Pahleeze.)

I'm trying to work on the surcoat with out the Knight seeing. I'm going to surprise him with it at the site. He knows he's getting a new one he just doesn't know what it looks like!

Why is it that when you want to go to a major event, ALL the garb needs to be repaired at the same time? What exactly goes on in the closet when the doors are shut? I am baffled.

Hummmm, the world may never know....

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