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2005-03-11 - 4:55 p.m.

The spiffyness continues....

I've made-
1)a plain green cover for the small cooler,
2)covered two sports chairs of death,
3)made matching cushions,
4)covered two camp stools,
5)repainted a wicker laundry hamper in matching green and covered the lid with the spiffy green and gold upholstry fabric,
6)covered a cute tiny round foot stool with the upholstry fabric to rest my delicate toesies on...

Now before you laugh, the wicker hamper is the perfect height to be a seat and I will be storing the chair covers, table cloths, and cushions and other misc. day shade items in it. It looks MUCHO better than a plastic bin. That and the darn thing is square and will pack so very neatly in the minivan. These hampers don't come in real wicker much anymore so if you find one snatch it up and make it into a spiffy storage box.

Now my hand and arm are killing me. the carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand did NOT like me using a spray can of paint today. Phew, 800mg of the old ibuprofen for me, let me tell you!

La la la la la, back to the sewing machine...

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