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2004-12-24 - 8:38 p.m.

It's finally here, Christmas Eve. My favorite time of the year. I've got all the presents wrapped and I'm sitting listening to holiday music on the radio.

Tommorow my middle sister,her family and my nieice and her family are coming over for Christmas Day.

We've had good ones and not so good ones. There was the one when Paul was 16 months old and I spent Christmas Morning in urgent care with him and his wheezing. There was the Christmas evening when I had my first veritgo attack and everyone had to come back to watch our kids so Eric could take me to urgent care. But we've laughed and given gifts and played with toys and ate till' we burst. Good memories. At least I choose to remember only the goods ones.

Christmas has always been good for me. I love to make things and give things to people. I love to wrap the presents and go shopping. I love going to church on Christmas eve for the candle light services.

Yes, Christmas is good, all that it is and all that it means.

We must make our own Christmas and hold it close.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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