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2005-03-06 - 10:25 a.m.

Well, what can I say?

We had a great time at KASF yesterday. I got to see Jeanmaire and Apollonia! They both look great! I wish we all didn't live so far apart. :-(

I'd like to thank everyone who sent displays. Bright Hills had the biggest and most diverse one by far. Many people came by and commmented how much talent we have in old BHs!

Our display was AWESOME! We filled 3, 5', round tables and displayed Richard Wyn's wonderful painted picture. I'm am so proud of the artisans in our barony. They really like and love what they do. Besides they make tres' cool items! We kept hearing all day-

How did you all come to have ALL the really cool artisans?

Our habit of eating every chance we get might be a big draw! We even had an excellent "light lunch" yesterday.

What? Sitting around and talking about A&S is hard work don't ya know?

We displayed painting, mucho embroidery (MY personal favorite), weaving, spinning, knitting, leatherwork, llumination, fan making, wood carving, tablet weaving, glass etching, fingerloop braiding, it went on and on!! Their Majesties and Her Highness were very impressed with our displays!

I got the surprise of my day. I was honored with being given an Order of the Coral Branch. I sort of remember the Queen speaking to me and the King speaking, and something about I really could use the cushion instead of kneeling on the hard floor but other than that I was stunned with a big grin on my face! I'm not exactly sure how I got back to my seat.

Yep, I was the picture of poise and grace, I was. Sheesh,I made quite the picture with my hair not even combed and covered. At least my hands and face were clean...

I received a great scroll and it has a picture of a dog that looks like Cassie! Now that was nifty!

So, it was a fun day but man, were we beat by the time we rolled in at 2am!

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